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July 7, 2010

I often think and debate it with myself and close ones but never get down penning it down. I am starting it today and hope to continue it.

India as a country and Bollywood as an entertainment industry facinates me, as to many millions more, and intrigues me. There is a system yet no system, nepotism is superceded over anybody and everybody, corruption galore, sex, lies and now news channels as the final let out for both. But both still works and HOW. We are the fastest growing country and entertainment industry not only in numbers but also as influencers. But is it sustainable???? Dunno, not sure, this can be a flash in the pan which will sustain for more time than others, disaster, yet another day. And I will tell you why..

Bollywood: Amitabh blames bad editing as a reason for failure of RAVAAN, not ready to accept that Abhishek Bacchan is not an actor from any angle. The technician knows his job, but junior AB does not because he is not an actor, he just possesses a last name called Bacchan. Similarly Fardeen, Zayed, Bobby deol, Esha deol and multiple star kids are not actors by any yardstick. They dole out flops after flops but the work does not stop coming to them. You know why??? The industry is not ready to invest in a new comer or an outsider!!! They are scarred of what happened when SRK and Akshay who had nothing to do with the industry, came, conquered and are ruling the industry. The Big DaDDy’s of yesteryear will never accept that. And the power behind them will be used mightly to ensure that rank new comer is stopped by all means. But the industry is flourishing even ourseas is because of these outsiders, who will probably with Aryaan and Aarav not allow the newer kids to enter. are doing so well. Will this trend continue DUNNO!!!!

Similarly indian politics follows the legacy. The youth leaders of these politicians, trained by the fathers, are already have master degree in the corruption. Guess what will happen to the AAM AADMI of this country. While three fourth of the contry will be struggling to come out of poverty line, these leaders of future India will be always in lap of luxury. No question asked about their ill gotton wealth, as they will be controlling the law and order.

But us INDIANS knowing all that is going on will keep these issues alive only in our personal discussions with friends, in parties or drawing room but nothing beyond. WHY??? Because it doesn’t affecting us too much and to the people where it matters will have no place to go and get justice. The entertaining and sensationalise news channels will keep it alive till it gets its TRP and then the news disappears from all forms of fourth estate, as if it never happened. And also because the affected people will never let go of their belief in the corrupt political parties it follows. We all should be patriotic but we should be bold enough to point out the problems which is penetrating into our system as a cancer.

Can all these change in our lifetime???? Dunno


February 14, 2010

Some say it is not my religion, some say not in my or my religions name while some say I don’t support it so it has nothing to do with me and some keep on posting their views opposing what’s going on!!!

Just to find out WHO the hell are you!!! Who is Taliban, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and countless small violent organization… They are hell bent on getting the world’s attention towards them. They are suicidal but not foolish, as the string pullers could be sitting amongst one of us and could be one of the person who on the face, is anti terrorist persona.

All you super cowards organizations who uses innocent ignorant people, brainwashes them to attack young innocent children are no way MUSLIMS. You follow your own tribal rules and worship your own tribal GOD and uses the name and teaching of ISLAM  to disguise your agenda. You misinterpret, you feed garbage to uneducated, you scare them with the consequences of HELL, you threaten their families and children and make them do inhuman activities in the name of ISLAM. YOU are nothing but a SATAN in its truest form.

It is time for all MUSLIMS, be of any SECT, to WAKE UP before it is too LATE. Just by condemning them is not enough, cause every time you condemn they laugh at you. Every time you apologized for them and say ISLAM mean PEACE, they laugh at you because with every cowardly action of theirs they put you to test.

It is time to start taking them on head-on. It is time to start educating your children, give them knowledge just not limiting to what they would learn in school but also real KNOWLEDGE, to which our beloved Prophet (PBUH) said go as far as you can to seek knowledge. Make sure you keep your children away from getting influenced by them, make sure you become the ferocious voice for educating your children, make sure your charity reaches the right people, make sure to voice your anger against them and not defend your religion. 95% of muslims of the world knows their religion, these 5% don’t. So don’t think their action in the name of ISLAM is misguided, as they have nothing to do ISLAM. They are barbaric and at the same time most clever and vicious people and they know their agendas.

I don’t want to get into politics behind them, I don’t want to get into any arguments about Israel bombing Gaza or Americans bombing innocent civilians, as these terrorist organizations are non of these places effected, they are taking advantage and using the innocents to further the agenda, so don’t get into any justifications. Right now is the time to get your house in order. KICK these BOKO HARAMS, TALIBANS, ISIS etc. out of your house before they have permanently destroyed your house, your family, your society, your culture, your religion.

Before you tell others to get their house in order, get yours in proper shape now. AND THE TIME IS NOW TO START……..